Lifestyle Re-Design: 3-month program

Altering the habitual patterns we find ourselves in, can be challenging. This program is designed to slowly, integrate healthier options into your daily life, alongside guided support and various exercises that reinforce these new routines. Within these 90 days, prepare to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts within your life, relationships, and goals. Be assured, once you jump in and feel the positive deviations, you won’t want to return!



  • 3-months of guided support

  • Weekly check-ins via phone/facetime/skype

  • Yoga, meditation, and breathwork videos

  • Cooking strategies, meal prep, and recipes

  • Journaling exercises

  • Required reading


  • Stronger, more empowered physical appearance

  • Finding connection within yourself and other relationships

  • Increased awareness and acceptance

  • Reduction in overall stress

  • Positive attitude shifts

  • Heightened sense of confidence and courage



3 - month Program: $750