Task Force Yoga was built as a foundational resource for current and former military service members and their families. Collectively, former special operator Matthew Schollard, and dedicated veteran wellness advocate, Amanda Tomac, are the leaders of whole-person alternative healing in the yoga and mindfulness industry for this specialized community.

TFY is a contemporary extraction of the traditional arts, designed to reach and resonate with those who have fought, are currently, or will soon be involved in combat. Our programs are open to everyone, and touch on very specific relations to the military, but there will be something for everyone. are designed As humans, we all experience and carry traumas and wounds, and for the service members who have putting their lives in danger to protect others. After years of seeking and following our own teachers, we have developed our practices and teachings to provide practical understandings, daily applications, and matched intensities to the environments our brothers and sisters experience.

We created mats



matthew schollard



Retired Special Operator/PJ

Registered Yoga Teacher


President/Cofounder - Beneath the Surface Foundation

Amanda tomac


Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher

Veteran Wellness Advocate

Exec Director/Cofounder - Beneath the Surface Foundation