From a young age I was influenced by movement and physicality. I devoted over 16 years of my life to studying and training many styles of dance and expression.

Throughout those years and beyond, I immersed myself in other arts as well; gymnastics, volleyball, yoga, weight training, soccer.. 

Movement became my passion: my advance, and retreat.

I was driven by the perpetual need to move, to feel the energy of my heart pulse through space and time. It didn't matter the activity - it mattered I spent time in motion, connecting my body and mind, engaging completely in the present moment.

Later came the burning curiosity of anatomical and physiological human studies. I dove deeper into the foundational aspects and internal energy of the body. I desired constant kinetic evolution. 

Movement was my life. I craved the knowledge and understanding.

Combining modern studies with the ancient arts and philosophies of the world, I found it completely up to me to create my path and beliefs. Modifying the aesthetics within my own life led to a profound lifestyle change and an intentional ideology shift. 

The daily reinforcement of these insights led the unfolding of my journey into traditional holistic practices. With concentration on the philosophies of yoga and application of massage therapy, my love for healing and authentic connections was ignited. Thus, facilitating my pursuit of traditional Thai bodywork.

As my exploration of self-discovery continues, I find maximum progress to be a result of personal experimentation. Through reflection, I continue to identify and consciously adjust what works for me in my current lifestyle.

My happiness is built on a daily practice of overcoming challenges through movement, meditation, healthy mental and physical consumption, and laughter. As each day begins, I am filled with gratitude for another moment to live, and another opportunity to learn, breathe, connect, grow, and love.

Licenses + Certifications:

800 hr Licensed Massage Therapist | OR 22269 | WA 60887836 |

50 hr Advanced Traditional Thai Therapist - Chiang Mai, Thailand

200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher - Asha Yoga, CA

Holistic Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition